On Wednesday Dec 16, 2020, Marc Saltzman, tech expert and author of 16 books presented The Near Future of Technology on a Zoom Call.

We started a bit late in the presentation but you can watch most of it by clicking on the link below.

Marc Saltzman is a prolific tech expert with one simple goal: to break down geek speak into street speak. Marc is a freelance journalist for more than 20 publications (including USA TODAY,  AARP, Toronto Star, Costco Connection and Zoomer), a 16-time author, radio and podcast host, public speaker, and host of Tech Impact, which airs on Bloomberg Television and Fox Business in the U.S. (resuming in the Spring of 2021),   as well as the syndicated Tech It Out radio show and podcast.

As a technology expert and commentator, Marc has appeared on multiple TV stations around the world — including CNN, Headline News, NBC, CBS, FOX, Al Jazeera, CTV, Global TV, CP24.

Marc is the author of 16 books including Siri for Dummies and Apple Watch for Dummies

Marc specializes in consumer electronics, apps and games, automotive innovations, business tech, and future trends.

The Marc Saltzman video has been removed from the site at the request of Marc Saltzman.

This content was provided by Adele Berenstein

Attached are the presentation files from Torrence Mack’s presentation called Basic Functions of the Smartphone presented on Feb 19th, 2020 at a Computer Club Meeting. There are two files as the presentation was too big to upload as a single file.

The content for this article was graciously provided by Terrance Mack from TDM Technologies International.

Larry Cohen suggested 3 additional apps

  1.  From the American Red Cross it’s called “First Aid. It covers any emergency situation and how to deal with it. (Ex. Bleeding, Choking,Heart Attack, etc.)
  2. Sit or squat by Charmin – locates public rest rooms nearby.
  3. Run-Pee – suggest times in a movie where one can go to the restroom and not miss important parts of a film.

This content was graciously provided by Larry Cohen

On Jan 15th, 2020, Jerry Murphy presented Smart Phone Apps for iPhone and Android.

Here is the handout from that presentation.

This content was graciously provided by Jerry Murphy.

Larry Cohen researched ‘How to clear your printer spooler’ and has provided the following techniques.

  1. For advanced users, this technique will work with all printer types but requires advanced technical knowledge.
    1. Open the RUN Box by simultaneously pressing the windows key and ‘R’ key.
    2. Type  net stop spooler  and press OK
    3. Again open the RUN Box by simultaneously pressing the windows key and ‘R’ key.
    4. Type  net start spooler and press OK
    5. Here are .jpgs of how to do this.
  2. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor for HP Printers
    1. If you own a HP printer you could try their free program  “HP Print and Scan Doctor.” It came with Larry’s printer and on Larry’s computer it was found at—\C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Diagnostics\PSDR\HPPSDr.exe

This article was graciously provided by Larry Cohen.

On Dec 18, 2019, Adele Berenstein presented How to Edit Pictures using the free app Photos that comes with Windows 10.

Here is the presentation used at the meeting:

This article was generously provided by Adele Berenstein.

Callers pretend to be the Taxpayer Advocate Service and are requesting personal information like Social Security Numbers & Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Don’t fall for it!

The Dirty Dozen represents the worst of the worst tax scams

Compiled annually, the “Dirty Dozen” lists a variety of common scams that taxpayers may encounter anytime but many of these schemes peak during filing season as people prepare their returns or hire someone to help with their taxes. Don’t fall prey.

For a detailed description of each scam and other valuable information, please visit:

This article was provided by Adele Berenstein

On March 20, 2019, Adele Berenstein presented Recognizing and Avoiding Scams, a presentation created by Ed Berkowitz.

Here is the Presentation

Here are the Notes

Here are the Notes about 2 Factor Authentication

This material was graciously provided by Ed Berkowitz.

The Broward County Library located at 1100 Coconut Creek provides computer classes at the library. Some recent examples of classes provided are titled

  1. Meet the Computer Windows 7 / 10
  2. Exploring the Internet
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Word
  4. Exploring Google
  5. Microsoft Windows 10
  6. iPad open house
  7. Digital Downloads – how to download library e-Media
  8. iPhone Essentials IOS 10

The Insider Report newspaper delivered to Wynmoor condos shows the courses coming up each month.

Or check out the course schedule at the Broward library at https://www.broward.org/Library/Education/Pages/default.aspx

Click on Computers and Programs. That computer site show the courses for all library locations, not just the Coconut Creek location.

On Line Courses

The library also provides free on line classes on computer topics. You need a library card to see them. http://libezproxy.broward.org/login?url=http://browardfl.universalclass.com/register.htm

Click on Computer Training. There are over 50 on line courses you can take. Here are some examples.

  1. Windows
  2. Excel
  3. Computer Basics
  4. How to eBay
  5. How to use an iPad
  6. PowerPoint

And many other more advanced courses.

This article was provided by Adele Berenstein

Here are the presentations by Ari Hochman, a guest speaker from the Wynmoor Camera Club, at the Feb 20 2019 Computer Club Meeting. There are two files.

  1. How to Transfer Pictures from your phone or tablet to your computer
  2. How to make Movies from your pictures and videos

These files were graciously provided by Ari Hochman.