Attaching a File to an E-Mail

1. Go to the Mail Center on the toolbar and click Write Mail.
2. Enter the email name of the recipient in the send to box.
3. In the body of the write window, type a simple note to the recipient, tell the person that there is an attachment and they are to download the item.
4. On the screen you will see the word “ATTACHMENTS”.
(The location of the word attachments can be in various places and it may have a picture of a paper clip, or some other icon depicting an attachment. The composition of this varies with each email program.)
5. Click attachments. This will open a dialog box window.
(At this point,you must locate the file that is to be attached.When located,click it once to highlight the file.)
6. Go back to the attachment screen and click ATTACH.At this point, you will see the highlighted file name appear in the window.
7. Next click OK.
8. Final step, click “send.”

Once you click send, a message appears that you are sending an e-mail and the attached file is being “uploaded” and sent along with the e-mail. Should you wish to send multiple files, repeat the steps above by attaching the additional files before clicking OK and sending the


This article was generously provided by Beverly Friend.

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