SIX IMPORTANT Rules for Forwarding Email

SIX IMPORTANT Rules for Forwarding Email
Are you bombarded by jokes, chain letters, and other forwarded email? Do you pass this email along to friends and family? Would you like to break the cycle?

Many people are afraid to request that these emails stop. They fear that if and when they ask — no matter how nicely – they might offend the senders.


1. Don’t forward anything without eliminating all the forwarding marks such as >>>>, other email addresses, headers and commentary from all the other forwarders. Delete material by selecting it and then hitting either the backspace or the delete key. It is dreadful to make people wade through all preliminary material that was not intended for them. Therefore, forward only the “Guts” of the email that you thought was valuable.

2. Don’t neglect to include your own personal message. Take time to write your own comment on the top of the forwarded material – tell the person why you are sending it. If you can’t do this, DON’T FORWARD!

3. Don’t just send out material without taking careful thought. Think about what you are forwarding and if it will be of value to the recipient or if he or she shares your interests and/or sense of humor?

4. Don’t send chain letters – no matter how noble the topic. People are busy and don’t want to spend time forwarding material to others. The chain – and breaking it – has no effect on reality. In might have been fun in grade school; not now!

5. Don’t be a scaremonger. Beware of sending virus warnings because these are often untrue or even hoaxes (Check with before sending any warnings and include their information.)

6. Don’t invade privacy. When you send email to more than one person – do not list recipients in TO or in CC (copy) – but in BCC (blind copy) – because otherwise anyone with access to the list can use it to reach these people with ads or other unwanted material. This is a huge No-No!


This tip was generously provided by Beverly Friend.

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