10 Steps to Sell Your Stuff on eBay

This is the Handout from Jerry Murphy’s Presentation on Buying and Selling on eBay, presented at the Computer Club Meeting on March 15, 2017. This article deals with Selling on eBay.

 eBay fees


  Listing fee                First 50 items a month are free, over 50 items are 30 cents each.

  Final value fee         10% of the total value of the sale with a maximum of $750.


PayPal fees 

2.9% of the payment received plus 30 cents.


Step 1            Before you begin:

  • Take photos.
  • Create an attractive title.
  • Write through descriptions.
  • Decide on pricing.
  • Calculate Shipping.

 Step 2            Taking photos:

  • Clean your items.
  •  Use natural light, a solid background, multiple angles.
  •  Use your best photo as your main photo.

Step 3            Creating a title:

  • Use descriptive keywords and include the item’s brand name, artist or designer.
  • Item specifics; e.g.: size, color, condition, model.
  • Don’t use multiple synonyms.
  • Omit punctuation marks and asterisks.

 Step 4            Writing descriptions:

  • Be sure to use complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar.
  • Organize information in paragraphs with similar information grouped together.
  • Include details like size, shape, color, age, manufacture date, country of origin,   company/artist/author and noteworthy features.
  • Clearly state the item’s condition – new, used, under warranty. Mention flaws and repairs.
  • Be clear about what’s included, the type of packaging and payment terms.

 Step 5            Pricing and format:

  • Auction style:
    • Members bid on your item and highest bidder wins.
    • Starting bid.
    • Reserve price.
    • Choose 1,3,5,7,10 days to run.
  • Fixed Price:
    • No bidding, members buy right away.
    • Best offer option.
    • Choose  Days to run – 3,5,7,10,30, or until cancelled. 

Step 6            Shipping:

  • National, International, Local.
  • Free shipping.
  • Do you have a FedEx or UPS account?
  • Post office www.usps.com
  • Priority mail
  • Priority mail flat rate
  • Economy

Step 7            Fraud – Avoiding:

  • eBay will intervene &/or refund if there is a problem with your sale.
  • Refuse requests to deal outside of eBay.
  • NEVER ship your item until after payment is received.
  • Never accept checks or money orders.

Step 8            During the Listing: 

  • Answer questions quickly
  • Post answers so others can see them

Step 9            After you sell the item:

  • Get paid
  • Print the shipping label and drop at the post office.
  • Leave tracking information and feedback for your buyer.
  • Follow-up if necessary.


Step 10          Spend your money $$$$$$$


 This Post was generously provided by Jerry Murphy.


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