Monthly Tips


How to forward e-mail without headers.

  1. Highlight text that you wish to forward
  2. Go up to menu bar and click on edit
  3. When program opens, arrow down to copy and click on it.
  4. Open write mail and left click in the text space.
  5. Go back up to edit and open
  6. Arrow down and click on paste.
  7. All the text that was highlighted should now be seen in the text space.
  8. Go to send to box on top of page and fill in the e mail address of the people that you wish to send the e mail to.
  9. When you are finished, click on send mail.
  10. Walla, you are wonderful.


Tip #2

How to remove a “friend” from Facebook

Let’s start with the infamous Facebook “friend.” Just like real life, there are some people best avoided. Fortunately, it’s easier to drop a friend on Facebook.

  1. Open up your Facebook profile.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, click Account>>Privacy Settings.
  3. Go to the Block List heading.
  4. Enter your “friend’s” name and click the Block button. That person will now be cut off from your profile.
  5. You can take it a step further. At the bottom of every user profile is a Report/Block link. Click this to report your former friend to Facebook.
  6. Facebook administrators will review the situation. In extreme situations, the user can be banned. Employ this at your discretion.