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Here is the handout from the Computer Club  presentation Don’t You Wish You Knew That? presented by Larry Cohen on Dec 20, 2017. DYWYKT_Wynmoor-Presentation This article was kindly contributed by Larry Cohen.

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Bev just got an email supposedly from Fed Ex saying they could not deliver a package and she had to click on a link to get the mailing label and the place to pick up the package. Norton identified it as unreliable …

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1. Go to the Mail Center on the toolbar and click Write Mail. 2. Enter the email name of the recipient in the send to box. 3. In the body of the write window, type a simple note to the …

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I. SENDING EMAIL A. Go to your email provider B. Click on File in the Tool Bar and select NEW C. Type in the address of your recipient. The screen will show the following three options: 1. TO –You will …

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BARE ESSENTIALS for MOVING TEXT In email or anywhere Note: there is more than one method for achieving goals on your computer. 1. You can do everything through the menus on the top of the page, and 2 These menus …


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SIX IMPORTANT Rules for Forwarding Email Are you bombarded by jokes, chain letters, and other forwarded email? Do you pass this email along to friends and family? Would you like to break the cycle? Many people are afraid to request …

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How to forward e-mail without headers. Highlight text that you wish to forward Go up to menu bar and click on edit When program opens, arrow down to copy and click on it. Open write mail and left click in …

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