Window Tips

Windows Tip #1

To create a shortcut key to your most often used program.

Microsoft word is used in this example; the following will demonstrate
how to create a short cut key for that program.

  1. Left click the START button.
  2. Then choose ALL PROGRAMS.
    The Start menu will open.
    In this case we will navigate to M/S Word program and RIGHT CLICK.
    Then, in the dialog box that appears, left-click on PROPERTIES.
  3. A menu box will open.
    About half way down there is a choice that says SHORTCUT KEY.
    At this point, place your mouse pointer in that box and left-click once.
    This will produce a blinking vertical line.
  4. (Some systems have the blinking vertical line already in place.
    Not to worry, this is normal depending on your system.)
  5. Don’t try to get rid of the word NONE.
  6. Just type the letter of your choice.
    In this case W will be used.
  7. Once W is there, the computer will automatically put Ctrl + Alt.
    This is correct.
  8. Now the blinking vertical line will be to the right of the W typed to
    be used as your shortcut key.
  9. Left-click on APPLY, and left-click OK.

From now on every time you want to use M/S WORD, just press:


Microsoft Word will and ready for your use.

This can be done for any program in your system.
Just remember which letter you used for which program.

Should you want to cancel this or any other shortcut you have created,
repeat the process only this time in the line labeled SHORTCUT, press the backspace key.

Click APPLY and OK. This will bring your system back to the original state.



Windows Tip #2

To arrange desktop icons and have them do what you want.

  1. Right click any clear place on the desktop.
  2. Move mouse to “ARRANGE ICONS BY”.
    have check marks next to them.
  4. (Each time you uncheck an item, you have to repeat the right click
    to get the menu back.)
  5. Next, move icons to where you wand them.
  6. Next, right click any clear spot and choose “REFRESH”.
  7. That should solve the problem.

Missing desktop icons in Windows XP:

  1. Right click desktop.
  2. Point to Arrange Icons by.
  3. Click Show desktop Icons.