Computer Classes from Broward County Library

The Broward County Library located at 1100 Coconut Creek provides computer classes at the library. Some recent examples of classes provided are titled

  1. Meet the Computer Windows 7 / 10
  2. Exploring the Internet
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Word
  4. Exploring Google
  5. Microsoft Windows 10
  6. iPad open house
  7. Digital Downloads – how to download library e-Media
  8. iPhone Essentials IOS 10

The Insider Report newspaper delivered to Wynmoor condos shows the courses coming up each month.

Or check out the course schedule at the Broward library at

Click on Computers and Programs. That computer site show the courses for all library locations, not just the Coconut Creek location.

On Line Courses

The library also provides free on line classes on computer topics. You need a library card to see them.

Click on Computer Training. There are over 50 on line courses you can take. Here are some examples.

  1. Windows
  2. Excel
  3. Computer Basics
  4. How to eBay
  5. How to use an iPad
  6. PowerPoint

And many other more advanced courses.

This article was provided by Adele Berenstein

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