Creating Hot Keys

For the most part, we tend to use the same programs most of the time. Sometimes we use these programs several times a day.

The following will illustrate the method of creating a hotkey to activate the calculator. Clearly, you can use this method for activating any program in your computer.

1. Click START, then ALL PROGRAMS (or PROGRAMS depending on your O/S.) Next, choose accessories and then calculator. DO NOT actually open the calculator. Just put your mouse pointer on the calculator icon.

2. Next, right click the calculator icon and click PROPERTIES.

3. Be certain that the shortcut tab is activated. (The properties box usually opens with the shortcut tab on the screen.)

4. Place your mouse pointer in the shortcut key box and left click once. The word NONE should be in the box that appears.

5. Next, click the key you want to use as the HOTKEY

Here you have a choice to make!

1. Do you want to assign one of the “F” keys or another key?

If you choose one of the “F” keys, just press and hold the “F” key untilit appears in the box, replacing the word NONE.

Next, click APPLY at the bottom right of the screen and then OK.

That’s it You are done. The next time you want to open the calculator, just press the “F” key chosen and the calculator will appear on the screen.


Once you assign an “F” key you are replacing the original function of the key.

The “F7” key in M/S Word is a shortcut to spell check. If “F7” is chosen as your HOTKEY, you have disabled the original function.

2. Do you want to assign a letter to use as your HOTKEY?

If you prefer a letter, follow the same procedure as above, however, when you press a letter, the Ctrl+Alt will appear in the box along with the letter you chose. That is OK and all you have to do to activate your HOTKEY is to press the Ctrl+Alt+letter chosen.(Ex. “W” for WORD is the letter I use in the following example. To activate WORD, press Ctrl+Alt+W).
M/S Word will now be on the screen and ready for use.


If you choose a letter, for the HOTKEY, the words Ctrl and Alt will automatically appear in the shortcut box along with the letter.

This can be done with any program in your computer.

It also can be a major time saver when used on a regular basis.


If you change your mind and want to go back to the original NONE, NO HOTKEY, just follow the same procedure and with your cursor in the shortcut box, press the BACKSPACE key once and the word NONE will appear. Press APPLY and OK to close.


This article was generously provided by Beverly Friend

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