What Happens When You Click the Right Mouse Button?

We normally click on the left button on a mouse. But what happens when you click on the Right Mouse Button?

Answer: A Menu of options open.

What the menu looks like varies with what program you are in. So a browser like Chrome , Firefox or Internet Explorer might give you a selection of options. Word might give you a different selection.

But the menu will often give you additional functions you can use.

Here’s an example.

Some of the options have a little arrow next to them.  See the arrow next to Bullets, Numbering, Synonyms, Translate and Styles above. If you hover your mouse over the arrow, more options will open up.

You can often print what you are looking at by right clicking your mouse and seeing if ‘print’ is an option.

Explore with various programs you use.

This article was generously provided by Beverly Friend with some editing by Adele Berenstein.

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