How to Create a Border around a Page in Word

  1. Start Microsoft Word
  2. Click File and choose Page Setup
  3. Under Margins (usually the first tab) change the values for Top, Bottom, Left and Right to .8 and click OK
  4. Change Type Style to Ariel
  5. Change font size to 24
  6. Click FORMAT on the main toolbar and choose BORDERS AND SHADING
  7. Click the tab marked “Page Border“.(Usually the center )
  8. Under “Setting”, choose “Box”.
  9. In the center column, at the bottom, where the word “ART appears, click the down arrow to display the choices of borders available. Pick the border you want as the outside border of the page.
  10. Under the “width”, change the number to 20
  11. Your choice appears to the right of the 12. Click “Options” at the bottom right.
  12. A sub menu will appear
  13. In the middle, under “measure from”,click the down arrow and choose “Text”.
  14. Then, click OK
  15. Click OK again.

Your new page is ready for your text.


This article was generously provided by Beverly Friend

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